Phoenix Technologies Ltd.


Erocore Enterprise Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer for power inductor, Coils,SMD chip bead, Wound chip inductor, EMI choke, leaded inductor, EMI core. Custom products per customer specifications are available.

Pearson electronics  is the original and leading manufacturer for precision current-monitoring transformers used for accurate AC current measurements.

Pearson Current Transformers can measure transients, harmonics, pulse, sine-wave, RF and other complex current wave shapes. A frequency range from 0.7 Hz to 350 MHz is covered, with the most popular model covering 1 Hz to 20 MHz ± 3 dB. 1% accuracy, or better, is obtainable over the
mid-band. The current range is from micro-amps to kilo-amps and we manufacture both toroid and clamp-on Current Transformers. 

XFMRS offers its customers transformers for telecom and communication products, switching power trasformers and CMC.