Phoenix Technologies Ltd.

Connectors - Communication

Aliner is a leading RF connectivity solution developer, specialized in design and manufacture of high performing RF coaxial connectors, RF switch interfaces, cable assemblies.

AVX is a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of electronic components.

DIN 41612 CONN / PCMCIA / Compact PCI / FFC / FPC Conn.

Pinrex Technology Corp. is a professional connector manufacturer. Their main business is in PC Board industry: NB connectors, DSC components, LCD TV & handheld device components. Their latest products are 0.3mm FPC Connector (Hirose compatible), LVDS Connector (I-pex compatible), HDMI Connector A & C type (HDMI standard). XFMRS offers its customers RJ45 Integrated Connectors
10/100/1000 Base-T VOIP,
Power Over Ethernet,
Gigabit Ethernet.






Communication Connectors Modules Jacks RJ45/12.
Worldwide Leader in Interconnecting Solutions - IEEE 1394 / RJ45 / USB / SCSI / PCI / Ribbon / Fiber Optics / Mobile Conn. Major League Electronics is a leading designer and manufacturer of standard and custom interconnect products.
GT Contact (GTC) is a major manufacturer of waterproof circular connector, waterproof power & USB connectors, and related products.



Worldwide Leader in Interconnecting Solutions - IEEE 1394 / RJ45 / USB / SCSI / PCI / Ribbon / Fiber Optics / Mobile Conn. Data and Communication Connectors and Cable Assy. Miilu is a professional connectors manufacturer icluding custome design products - BTB, WTB, FFC, Edge Crad, D-SUB, IDC.

Jonhon is a high-tech company in the interconnect solutions in military defense and high reliable industrial fields.

Products are widely used in Aviation, Military Aerospace, Communication, Data Center, Railway Transportation, New Energy Vehicle, Power Equipment, Petroleum Equipment, Medical Equipment, and other Civil High-End manufacturing fields.

Type of connectors: Electrical, Data Transition, RF, Fluid, Optical.


SWB is connectors manufacturer specialized on wire to board connectors, wire to wire and Wire Harnesses. Main products include Wafer, Housing, Terminal with different pitch/size options.