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Phoenix Technologies is a Rep. & Franchised Distributor of Digilent in Israel


Please contact: Meigal Evans.


Founded in 2000 by two Washington State University electrical engineering professors, Clint Cole and Gene Apperson, Digilent's original mission was to make electrical engineering and design technologies understandable and accessible to all by supplying educators and students with high-value, industry-relevant educational tools and curriculum. We quickly made a name for ourselves in academic circles, and later moved to providing a diverse oering of cost-optimized professional solutions as well. In 2013, we were purchased by test and measurement powerhouse, National Instruments. We are set apart by our unique expertise in FPGA-based systems, test instrumentation, and even in software, with our powerful multi-instrument software application, Wave Forms. We also have a robust and extensive library of documentation, reference guides, tutorials, and other rich content available for free to anyone who needs it. Our customizable and flexible solutions are accessible to advancing engineers and accelerate development and reduce the time to market for the most experienced electronic design and research professionals.


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  • FPGA

  • Test & Measurement

  • Modular Connectors

  • JTAG

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