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Development tools for registers and IO management and IP integration.

Mentor has the broadest industry portfolio of best-in-class products
and is the only EDA Company with an embedded software solution.

•Design to Silicon

•Functional Verification

•Integrated PCB-FPGA Systems Design

•Electronic System Level (ESL) Design

•RTL Synthesis

•Automotive EE Design Solutions

•Embedded Software

•Mechanical Analysis

•Consulting, Services and Support

MegaChips Technology America Corporation, a fabless company, focuses on the development of system LSIs and systems products that incorporate original algorithms and architecture. Customers use MegaChips solutions for their office automation, networking and storage needs in a wide range of areas, including imaging, audio, home networking, power management, security, industrial & communications environments.

Microcontrollers and Microprocessors
Power Management
Aerospace and Defense
Amplifiers and Linear
Clock and Timing
Data Converters
Embedded Controllers and Super I/O
High-Speed Networking and Video
Interface and Connectivity
LED Drivers and Backlighting
Power over Ethernet
Programmable Logic
Security ICs
Smart Energy/Metering
Touch and Gesture
Wireless Connectivity


Developed by ARM Architecture experts, the Arm DS-5™ toolchain enables engineers to develop robust and highly optimized embedded software for ARM application processors, such as the Cortex™-A series, Cortex-R real-time processors and other ARM embedded processors. The DS-5 toolchain comprises tools such as the best-in-class ARM C/C++ Compiler, a powerful Linux/Android™/RTOS-aware debugger, the ARM Streamline™ system-wide performance analyzer and real-time system model simulators, all conveniently packaged in a user friendly IDE based on the Eclipse.

The MDK-ARM is a complete software development environment for Cortex™-M, Cortex-R4, ARM7™ and ARM9™ processor-based devices. It is specifically designed for microcontroller applications, it is easy to learn and use, yet powerful enough for the most demanding embedded applications. It includes industry-leading ARM C/C++ Compilation Toolchain, µVision4 IDE, debugger, and simulation environment, Keil RTX RTOS, TCP/IP Networking Suite, USB Device and USB Host stacks and GUI Library. ULINKpro enables on-the-fly analysis of running applications and records every executed Cortex-M instruction.


Circuit Protection



Passive Components - Capacitors



High Energy    RF


Passive Components - Inductors





TT Electronics IRC has been a leader in resistor technology, including the industry's comprehensive range of current sense resistors, precision discrete and networks, integrated passive components, and specialized power resistors. Resistive technologies include thin film tantalum nitride discretes and networks on ceramic and silicon substrates for precision high-frequency applications, thick film low- and high-resistance chips, wirewound resistors and assemblies, and cylindrical surface mount resistors.  







Digilent Inc is a National Instruments company,
Manufacture embedded development tools and test and measurement device
for rapid prototyping and training.

Since our founding in 2000,Digilent has partnered with different leading semiconductor companies
including; Xilinx, Microchip, Analog Devices and Texas Instruments
to bring products with the latest embedded & electronics technology.

Engineers can accelerate the hardware and system development through our tools.

We also offer resources including teaching material,
sample labs,shared curriculums that enable our educators to teach the latest technology.

It's no wonder that our products can be found in over 1000 Universities in more than 70 countries!

Powerful SW testing tools True TCP/IP Networking 8/16/32 bit resources Unique Flash memory drivers & File system



Mornsun Power is a leading provider of DC/DC Converters and AC/DC Power Modules in domestic China, applied in the industry power fields of Telecom, automation , Medical  and Test & Measurement.

ShenZhen JINLING Electronics is specializes in manufacturing of precision cards, connectors and combination cables. Erocore Enterprise Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer for power inductor, Coils,SMD chip bead, Wound chip inductor, EMI choke, leaded inductor, EMI core. Custom products per customer specifications are available. Capacitors: Aluminium Electrolytic, PCCON, EDLC, Film, MMLCAP.







XFMRS offers its customers RJ45 Integrated Connectors 10/100/1000 Base-T VOIP, Power Over Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet. Ria Connect is a member of Metz Connect, a leading designer and manufacturer of terminal blocks, Plugs and jacks for PCB and for cables.

Golledge is a global supplier of frequency management solutions, including quartz filter, crystal, oscillator, clock, VCXO, TCXO, OCXO, Saw Resonators, Filters and related products.

Riedon is a resistor manufacturing company, specializing in Power, Precision, Surface Mount, High Temperature, High power and Custom Resistors.



Cardinal Components, Inc., specializes in design development and manufacturing a broad range of timing devices, including, crystals, oscillators, TCXO, VCXO, OCXO, & resonators. Cardinal leads the industry in programmable oscillators, programmable TCXO, programmable VCXO, & programmable spread spectrum products.

TT Electronics Welwyn Components is a world leader in the design and manufacture of resistors and microelectronic assemblies for global customers. Welwyn's focus on application engineering ensures customer needs are met using the latest technology in rapidly changing markets.

TT Electronics BI Technologies has been an innovator and leader in electronic components for 50 years. We have evolved and changed, in name and in form, while retaining our innovative spirit. BI manufacture power resistors, Inductors , potentumeters , resistor network ,steering sensors,trimmers & Hybrids.

Raltron manufacture Crystal Oscillators offered in standard and tight stability specifications for through hole and surface mount applications.
Custom Oscillators including VCXO, TCXO and OCXO designed to customer specifications to meet a wide spectrum of electrical and environmental requirements. Raltron Crystal Products offered in standard and tight stability specifications for through hole and surface mount applications.





Reed Relay, Reed Switches, RF Relays. Jonhon is global leading provider of interconnection solutions for Industrial equipment such as Railway, Petroleum and Electric Power.

Silicon-proven SerDes interconnect IP solutions.
World-leading ultra-low power and area, highest performance.
Processor interconnect and multi-protocol compatible.
Extensive IP portfolio for chiplet and chip systems.

Front-End solutions: Development tools for registers and IO management and IP integration.
Duolog provides solutions for IP/SoC metadata management, SoC assembly and auto-generation of documentation, hardware, software and verification views.
IP cores are usually the smallest, fastest, and lowest-cost choices on the market.


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